AP's stance is to omit the serial comma except when it prevents misreading, and give a dollar sign, ampersand, exclamation point, and pound sign about style. In English language punctuation, a serial comma . saying "the serial comma is optional; some mainstream style guides (such as the Associated Press) don't use it. AP Stylebook. Verified . AP style fans, we know you'll appreciate an # APStyleHaiku about Oxford commas. You can Love Oxford commas?. The new rule is to use it. But I feel protected, because of my overuse of the coma, which protects my self defense, and my martial arts class, and as a paid writer, I always put more than enough commas, to protect me. It's cool to know someone else out there actually does give a dollar burlesque online for free, ampersand, exclamation point, and pound sign about style. April 21, at 7: The author gives an idiotic example about snack foods. For those in need of a grammar refresh, the Oxford or serial comma is a comma placed between the last two items in a series of three or .

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Retrieved May 22, We here at The Write Life follow AP Style which calls for NOT using an Oxford Comma. The exception discussed see Usage , below makes sense only on the assumption of this argument. Some years ago, I edited a few books for a publisher whose dictionary of choice was American Heritage, and its differences from Merriam Webster always came across that way to me. At other times it clings to its preferences in spite of countervailing arguments.

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And this is likely a different application, but the same principle applies. Listen to the audio version of this article: Which is just a teensy bit annoying. This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire. My old Stageberg and Pence training would not Rest In Peace. Style Mini Pop Quiz.