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SGF viewer in Flash (SWF) format, designed for displaying go (baduk/weiqi) . /03/ "edit" mode added (play stones, pass, add markup/annotations. Computer Go GnuGo Strategic board game. Play the ancient game Go (Weiqi, Igo, Baduk) Play Go with your Friends! Share your Go Board with. Play. Slow. Fast. Num. Reset About this site · The Interactive Way To Go (Adobe Flash). Go is a very popular board game in the eastern hemisphere that is gaining momentum in the western hemisphere. The goal of Goswf is to make go teaching and learning more accessible: Motoki Noguchi vs Pal Balough. Although, GO does have different games. Search And Destroy Games. play go flash

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HOME PLAY GO LESSONS ARTICLES RESOURCES HISTORY GALLERY LINKS. Fillness Fill all level space with tiles. You can use this searchbox to find a nearby Go club, or find an internet server on the links page. Alternatively, a text tutorial is available. Smiley animations now correct after a prev. Shusaku vs Yasui Sanchi

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Art of Go - by an artist Hideki Nakazawa. You have Javascript disabled. And I'm sure you're right about the previous poster. Chinese English Japanese Korean. Smiley animations now correct after a prev. Game with move annotations kgs game 7k vs 5k. Author Raar gaar - part 2.