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Find out why President James Madison was call the "Father of the Constitution." During the first year of Madison's Administration, the United States prohibited. James Madison Jr was an American statesman and .. The House, with equal alacrity, passed enabling legislation. The Jefferson administration argued that the purchase  ‎ Dolley Madison · ‎ James Madison University · ‎ Presidency of James Madison. James Madison: March 16 [March 5, Old Style], Port Conway, Virginia Madison was born at the home of his maternal grandmother.

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By spring , Madison was specifically asking Congress for more appropriations to increase the Army and Navy in preparation for war with Britain. The History of the Virginia Federal Convention of At the Virginia constitutional convention, Madison supported the Virginia Declaration of Rights , though he argued that it should contain stronger protections for freedom of religion. The cities and counties are all equal. Thank You for Your Contribution! Dolley Madison rescued White House valuables and documents shortly before the British burned the White House, the Capitol and other public buildings. The historian Gordon S.